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Antipodes EX Review

Antipodes EX Review


Christiaan Punter of HiFi Advice has reviewed most of the top music servers on the market, and in his review he provides insightful comparisons between our entry-level Antipodes EX and the best from the competition, so this review will be of particular interest.

“The Antipodes EX has a powerful, dynamic delivery with full tonality and very realistic textures. In addition, it has a smooth and refined delivery, with zero hash, zip, zing or other forms of harshness or brightness. In fact, the EX is probably as dynamic as the DX2 and at the same time as finely resolved as the very best servers and endpoints that I have heard. More specifically, it’s every bit as refined, focused and “hi-res” in presentation as the Aurender N10 was, but with a fuller, tonally more textured sound. It has great PRaT but also lets the music breathe and flow freely and it has superb lyrical capabilities. Technically immaculate as well as emotionally highly involving, the Antipodes EX is my current reference for Roon playback.”

“And the EX certainly is the best Roon-Ready server that I used so far.”

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