Automate Backup

Automate Backup:

You can manage your library on your Antipodes, and use Resilio to have any updates that you make automatically copied to a PC, Mac or NAS.

This provides an automated backup, but you need to be aware that if you make a mistake on your Antipodes, it will be automatically copied to your backup. So if you use this method you should also keep an archived backup.

Resilio Sync by Resilio, Inc. is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire and BSD. You can use it to back up the music library on your Antipodes to Windows or Mac PCs or to a NAS drive. You can also use it to sync downloads and other music tracks from yourPC or Mac to your Antipodes music library.

To use Resilio Sync you must set up and configure the Resilio Sync app on your Antipodes, and you must also download/install/set up and configure the Resilio Sync app on the PC , Mac or NAS where you will store the backup (the home version is free but there are some limitations in its functionality) that you will be syncing with.

The Resilio Sync software is pre-loaded on the Antipodes but must be installed as an active application.

How to set up Resilio Sync on the Antipodes

  • a. Go to Apps/Software Manager/Available Apps , click on the Resllio Sync icon and click ‘Install:
  • Go to Apps and click ‘Resilio Sync’. On the first screen enter a User Name and Password (e.g. admin/admin) that you will use to manage the application on the Antipodes and click ‘Continue’.
  • On the next screen enter a name for this Resilio Sync device (suggestion: use the host name, e.g. AntipodesCX). Also check the two boxes at the bottom:
  • Then log in to the Resilio Sync app on the Antipodes using the Id and Password you have just created:

You will get this screen. Now you must define the music library folder to be backed up:

Installing and Using Resilio Sync on PC or Mac

Go to the Resilio Sync Downloads page at the Resilio Sync website (( )and download, install and setup the app for the device(s) that will be used to store the Antipodes music library copy :

Installing and Using Resilio Sync on NAS devices

The Resilio Sync app runs on selected NAS devices. A NAS is an ideal location to hold a synchronised backup of the Antipodes music library.

Go to the Resilio Sync Downloads page ( and download the app for the NAS that you will be using with the Antipodes

How to setup a Folder to be synchronised

In this example Resilio Sync on the Antipodes is going to send a copy of the music library to other devices and update the remote copies with changes as they occur (synchronise). Here you will configure the music library folder to copy/sync.

  • Click the + at the top left of the blank screen. On the new screen choose the ‘Standard folder’ option:
  • Select the folder to be backed up. (suggestion: select the /storage/music folder):
  • A settings window will open. Uncheck the ‘Link will expire’ option (these settings can be changed at any time):
  • Click the ‘Link’ option and then ‘Copy’ (bottom right) . An http link will now be displayed. You can use this link to activate the sync action from the Internet browser on PC or Mac.
  • Alternatively, click the ‘Key’ option and then Copy’. A key will be displayed that you can use in the Resilio Sync app on PC, Mac or NAS to activate the sync action.

How to use the http link or key is described later in this guide.

  • The music library folder has now been set up on the Antipodes for backup. At this point the destination locations (peers) have not yet been set up.

How to setup a Folder to receive the Backup copy

Here Resilio Sync on a Windows PC is going to receive a copy of the music library on the Antipodes. Here you will configure a folder to store the copy.

  • Create a folder to store the music library copy, for example ‘\Backups\AntipodesCX’:
  • Click the + symbol and select the ‘Enter a key or link’ option:
  • Go to the Resilio Sync app on the Antipodes and click ‘Share’ at the right-hand end of the line that identifies the music library folder you previously set up:
  • On the following screen click ‘Copy’ next to the ‘Read Only’ key:
  • Go back to the Resilio Sync screen on the Windows PC, right click the keyboard or mouse button:
  • Paste the key from the Antipodes into the blank field and click ‘Next’:
  • You will then be prompted to enter a destination folder. Select the folder you set up in i. above:
  • You should see the copy process start immediately:
  • You can view the progress by clicking the clock icon:

Restoring the Music Library from the Resilio Sync Backup



If the flac folder on the Antipodes has to be restored the entire /flac folder can be copied to the Antipodes /music folder using Copy/Paste in File Explorer or Finder

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