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Install A P2

INSTALL A P2: Set the P2 underneath or on top of your Antipodes server, or in close proximity to the Antipodes server used for rendering, so that a short high quality USB cable can be used to connect between them. The P2 is designed to… Read More »Install A P2

Install A P1

INSTALL A P1: Set the P1 underneath or on top of your Antipodes server. If using more than one Antipodes (eg. CX+EX or CORE+EDGE, etc), set the P1 underneath or on top of the Antipodes that stores your music files. Connect the flying lead USB… Read More »Install A P1

Automate Backup

Automate Backup: You can manage your library on your Antipodes, and use Resilio to have any updates that you make automatically copied to a PC, Mac or NAS. This provides an automated backup, but you need to be aware that if you make a mistake… Read More »Automate Backup

Start & Shutdown

START & SHUTDOWN: Start Connect your Antipodes music server in your preferred configuration. Or just connect it to mains power and to your network. Turn on the power at the rear panel of the Antipodes. This should cause the front panel switch to glow amber.… Read More »Start & Shutdown

HQPlayer NAA

HQPlayer NAA Signalyst HQPlayer is an upsampling multichannel audio player for Windows, Linux and OS X. A light version can be optionally installed on the Antipodes server and then controlled by a copy of HQPlayer Desktop running on a PC or Max. HQPlayer provides high… Read More »HQPlayer NAA


Optimising Sound Quality Some key points about getting the best sound quality: Don’t locate your Antipodes away from your main stereo. It is silent running and is very low-noise electronically. Locating your server a long way from your stereo will work, but the transmission will… Read More »Optimise

Manage Applications

MANAGE APPLICATIONS: The Antipodes Control Panel offers a wide range of best-of-breed applications for playing music. You can choose to install or uninstall any of them with a couple of clicks. It is a good idea, from a sound quality point of view, to only… Read More »Manage Applications

Internal Playback

PLAY FROM THE MUSIC LIBRARY: Historically, the primary purpose of each of the playback applications available for you to use on an Antipodes music server, is to play music in the Antipodes music library You can assemble a single seamless library, incorporating files you have… Read More »Internal Playback

Remote Control

REMOTE CONTROL OF MUSIC PLAYBACK: You don’t need to connect a screen, mouse or keyboard to your Antipodes music server. You run the Antipodes ‘headless’ in your music system, like any other stereo component, not in a back room. To tell the server what to… Read More »Remote Control


SETUP PLEX MEDIA SERVER: Plex is a media server application that organises video, music and photos from personal media libraries and streams them to media servers, smart TVs, streaming boxes and mobile devices that have compliant player apps. Plex can also be setup as a… Read More »PLEX


SETUP SONOS INTEGRATION: Install and setup this application and your Antipodes Music Server will appear within your SONOS application as a music source. This means you can use your Antipodes music server to rip and store music, play to a high quality DAC in your… Read More »SONOS


SETUP SPOTIFY CONNECT: With Spotify Connect, you can use your Spotify app  on PC, smart phone or table to play Spotify music through your Antipodes. You must have a Spotify Premium subscription. How to set up Spotify Connect on the Antipodes In the Antipodes GUI… Read More »Spotify


SETUP SHAIRPORT: Shairport is an Apple Airport Emulator. This makes the Antipodes work as if it was an Apple Airport device. So you can play music that is on your Apple Airplay device across your network to the Antipodes. Note: because Apple may change the… Read More »Shairport


SETUP BUBBLEUPnP: BubbleUPnP Server is a UPnP server application enabling you to: Have secure Internet access to your UPnP/DLNA server content, with BubbleUPnP on a tablet and foobar2000 on a Windows device. Create OpenHome media renderers from any UPnP AV renderer (provides on-device playlist, and… Read More »BubbleUPnP


SETUP MINIMSERVER: MinimServer is a UPnP/DLNA AV server that enables the music library on an Antipodes server to be accessed by DLNA-capable devices. MinimServer is not installed on Antipodes servers by default. Therefore you need to install it before you can use it. At the… Read More »Minimserver

Squeezebox DLNA Server

SETUP SQUEEZEBOX DLNA SERVER: You can setup an Antipodes music server as a DLNA Server a number of ways: Use Minimserver Use MiniDLNA Use PLEX But in many cases we find the simplest solution and with the widest compatibility is achieved by installing one plug-in… Read More »Squeezebox DLNA Server

MPD Renderer

SETUP MPD DLNA RENDERER: If you wish to use a DLNA/UPnP solution and want an Antipodes to perform the DLNA renderer function then you can use MPD. Setup the renderer in the Antipodes Control Panel of an Antipodes that is connected via USB to your… Read More »MPD Renderer

Roon With HQPlayer

SETUP ROON SERVER WITH HQPLAYER: You can use Roon to play to HQPlayer Server. You will get a different audio performance than Roon Ready and opinions are likely to differ on what is preferred. You can use this playback solution on a single Antipodes, or… Read More »Roon With HQPlayer

HQPlayer With NAA

SETUP HQPLAYER WITH HQPLAYER NAA: HQPlayer Server (embedded) is a version of HQPlayer that runs on Linux servers. The application is pre-loaded on Antipodes servers and can be installed from Apps/Software Manager/Available Apps. HQPlayer Server can play directly through ALSA ( the Linux Audio software… Read More »HQPlayer With NAA

HQPlayer Local

SETUP HQPLAYER LOCAL: HQPlayer Server (embedded) is a version of HQPlayer that runs on Linux servers. The application is pre-loaded on Antipodes servers and can be installed from Apps/Software Manager/Available Apps. HQPlayer Server can play directly through ALSA ( the Linux Audio software on the… Read More »HQPlayer Local