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    Tony Devitt

    There is a new, improved version of the the CD Import app (the CD ‘ripper’) if your Antipodes is at Software Version 2.6 or 2.7.
    Go to Software Manager/Installed Apps and check the CD Import app. If it is version 1.1 delete the app. Then go to Software Manager/Available Apps and install CD Import. The version will now be 1.3. Finally, go to System Settings, click ‘Save Changes’, and reboot.

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    Arthur Potts

    I found that a reboot was not sufficient. Even if your Antipodes is showing that your current software is version 2.7, update this (as I did and found files updating), then you will see the CD App as installed and things will function as they should. Prior to updating my 2.7 version software, I could not see the CD App installed, even though I had installed it. This meant I couldn’t access the app to rip anything.

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