Internal Playback


Historically, the primary purpose of each of the playback applications available for you to use on an Antipodes music server, is to play music in the Antipodes music library

You can assemble a single seamless library, incorporating files you have ripped, copied or downloaded to the Antipodes, files on external devices on your network like desktops, laptops or a NAS, and files located on an attached USB disk.

Note that with Antipodes music servers the best sound quality is achieved:

  • playing files stored on an internal SSD, followed by
  • files stored on your network (softer, less immediate, less image specificity), followed by
  • files stored on an internal spinning disk (HDD) (introduces some harshness, grain and reduced dynamics and tonal colour – this is NOT ameliorated by staging music through a small SSD buffer as is sometimes claimed), followed by
  • files stored on a USB drive (more harshness and grain).

With more noisy servers than the Antipodes, this hierarchy may be different.

See the next section concerning internet streaming services, which are growing in popularity.

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