Model Changes For 2022

We have made some changes to our model line-up, caused by the global electronic parts shortages.

K10 Withdrawn

We are no longer able to meet ongoing demand for the K10 and so we have withdrawn it. We are exploring new and expanded ways to meet the range of needs our customers have to manage their owned music libraries.

K40 Withdrawn

The K40 was designed so that it could be upgraded to a K50 in the existing case. However, three chipsets used in the K50 have become unobtainable, one of them permanently, making it impossible to complete the upgrades.

Therefore we have released two new models to meet the needs met by the K40. The release of these two products does not mean we are about to replace our models with new models. The two new products simply address the impracticality of continuing the K40. Barring the impact of parts shortages, we have no plans to withdraw or replace any of our existing models.

K41 Launched

The K41 is functionally the same as the K40, offering just Ethernet output, but it benefits from the re-design work completed on the K50, offering a sound quality improvement. The K41 cannot be upgraded to a K50, but can be upgraded to K50 level (USB Only) by adding a K21.

K21 Launched

The K21 is a medium-powered music server able to run both Server and Player apps, but it is also designed to be an ideal Player to match with the new K41. Therefore customers can start with either the K41 or K21, and get an upgrade in sound quality by adding the other model later.