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Munich 2022

Munich 2022 has been a great success for Antipodes. Catching up with all of our friends in the industry, and Antipodes owners, has been fantastic.

This year we partnered with Lyravox in two Atrium rooms allowing us to demonstrate the new Antipodes Oladra music servers. It has been a great pleasure to work with Goetz von Laffert and his team for the first time. We showed a black Oladra with Lyravox’s best large-room speaker, and the silver Oladra with Lyravox’s best small-room speaker.

For a small room, this was an amazing system and the room’s only problem was getting everyone into it that wanted to hear it.

Antipodes K50 music servers were in a number of other Atrium rooms, sounding particularly good in the Marten Loudspeakers room and in the Soulution room. And we had time to visit all of the Atrium rooms to hear the best on offer.