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Munich High End 2019

Munich High End 2019

Munich High End 2019

We had a great time in Munich this year and a very fruitful time at the High End Show. We expect to be adding a number of new countries with Antipodes distributors over the next few weeks as a result of meetings we had at the show.

This year we decided to have a spacious booth rather than share with other manufacturers in a listening room, and it was very successful for us, making it a lot easier to discuss how we do things and how we lead the industry with our technology development.

One interesting trend emerging is a growing emphasis on simple and elegant solutions. The audiophile hobby is shrinking, just as it is for nearly every other established hobby. The more affluent we become, the more the choices of hobbies expands, shrinking the share of spend on the established hobbies.

Audiophiles are no less keen than they ever were, but the opportunity for our industry is that the pool of music lovers never shrinks and they are becoming more affluent. Simple and elegant solutions can tap into the much larger music lover segment and the industry is clearly heading tentatively that way to address a larger audience.

This is showing up as more integrated amplifiers, often with Ethernet DACs included; more active speakers, often with DACs included; and a more ‘lifestyle’ look to these integrated components.

Antipodes intends to stay focused on the specialist high end sector, where our emphasis will remain on sheer sound quality, but for the wider industry this trend may be a very fruitful one.

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