Start & Shutdown



  • Connect your Antipodes music server in your preferred configuration. Or just connect it to mains power and to your network.
  • Turn on the power at the rear panel of the Antipodes. This should cause the front panel switch to glow amber. This is standby mode.
  • Now click the front panel switch and it will flash green and then glow solid green when the Antipodes has booted up fully.


  • When the Antipodes music server is booted up (the front panel button glows solid green), click the front panel button and it will flash and then glow solid amber when the system has shut down. If this does not shutdown the server, hold the front panel button in until it does shut down and change to solid amber.
  • Once the front panel buttpn is amber (in standby mode), you can turn the power off at the rear panel of the Antipodes music server. Never turn the power off at the rear of the Antipodes music server while the front panel power switch is green.

Sequence When Using Direct Ethernet

Antipodes Music Servers allow you to connect your server (eg. a CX) to the network, and connect your renderer (eg. an EX) direct to the server with a short, high quality Ethernet cable. This lifts audio performance compared to connecting both the server and renderer to the network.

Because the renderer connects through the server, and because they need to be connected to the internet during startup and shutdown, it is advisable to follow this start and shutdown procedure:

  • Start the CX (server) on one minute before the EX (renderer)
  • Shutdown the EX one minute before the CX.

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