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Upgrades to G4 technology level are available for OLADRA and KALA models only. If you have an earlier model Antipodes, and looking to update, we can make a generous trade-up offer for you to consider.

If you wish to discuss an upgrade, or get a trade-up offer, please book a consultation so that we can work out a way to meet your needs.

To proceed with an upgrade, please use the form on this page, below.

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The offers below include the physical upgrade, full testing, all shipping & border charges, and a new warranty:

  1. K21 or K22 - An original K21 or K22 uses G3 Oladra technology, and it can be upgraded to G4 Oladra technology including the new USB output for USD2,000 per unit.
  2. K30 - The K30 can be upgraded to G4 Oladra technology including the new USB output for USD3,000.
  3. K40 - An original K40 uses G2 technology and a K50-sized case, and it can be upgraded to the latest K41 (in a new K41 case) using G4 Oladra technology for USD4,000.
  4. K41 - An original K41 uses G3 technology, and it can be upgraded to the G4 Oladra technology for USD2,000 per unit.
  5. K50 - The first-release of the K50 uses G2 Oladra technology, and it can be upgraded to G4 Oladra technology including the new USB output for USD6,000 per unit. The second-release of the K50 uses G3 Oladra technology, and it can be upgraded to G4 Oladra technology including the new USB output for USD4,000 per unit. You can confirm that you have the second-release K50 by confirming that you have three S/PDIF outputs and two I2S outputs, as shown below.
  6. Second Release Antipodes KALA 50 High-End Music Server-Streamer Output Set
  7. Oladra - The Oladra gets a new premium Player engine and USB output for USD4,000, which is the price difference between the original Oladra and the revised Oladra.


The process for an upgrade:

  1. Fill-In The Form. Complete the secure Upgrade Form to request the upgrade. If you are not sure and want more information, please book a consultation to discuss it with us. This is also the best way to raise any additional requests, such as replacement of a damaged panel or an upgrade of storage, etc.
  2. We Invoice You The Full Cost. Antipodes will send you an invoice for the total cost of the upgrade, and will request any further information needed by Antipodes to manage the round-trip shipping.
  3. Pay The Invoice. Make payment of the invoice and provide any further information Antipodes has requested. International payments may take 3-5 business days to be received.
  4. We Organise Shipping & Cover Shipping Costs. Antipodes will organise the shipping of your device from your premises, and you will need to contact the courier firm we select in order to arrange a pick-up time. If you live in a remote area that is out of the pick-up zone for the courier, you may need to deliver the device to the courier's depot. We need to use our courier for the shipment so that we can handle all of the border clearance issues for you. Another alternative is to deliver the unit to the dealer it was purchased from, and we will arrange shipping with your dealer.
  5. We Upgrade Your Device. The device will be picked up and shipped to an authorised service center where the upgrade will be completed and fully tested. The upgrade and testing will typically take 3-5 days. It may take longer if your device requires an additional repair in order to bring it up to an 'as new' performance level, because parts may need to be shipped to the service center. You will only be charged for the additional costs if the issue was caused by your misuse of the device, as defined in our online and printed user guide or on the device itself. As with pick-ups, if you are located in a remote area that is outside of the coverage area of the courier we select, you will need to pick the item up from the courier's depot. If you delivered it to you dealer for shipping, it will be shipped back to your dealer, for you to pick up.
  6. We Ship It Back & Cover Customs Clearance & Related Costs. The device will be shipped back to you and Antipodes will endeavour to handle all border clearance procedures and pay all border charges. In some countries the local courier agency may charge you a small handling fee, or the local border agency may contact you as the importer of record for more information, but this is not common. Your upgraded device will have a new warranty to apply from the date that we ship you the upgraded device.


Please use the secure form below to submit your upgrade request. The form may take a few seconds to load.