USB Backup


We strongly recommend that you make backups of your music library.

This application provides you with a very simple way to make incremental backup copies of your music files. ‘Incremental’ means that if you add new music the Storage Backup app will only copy the new files. The backup is unencrypted, so you can remove the drive from the Antipodes, attach it to another device, and copy from it.

For this reason there is no need for a Restore application. The files on your backup drive are easily and simply copied back onto the Antipodes.

Connect an external USB drive to a spare USB port (but not a USB Audio port) at the back of your Antipodes. At the Antipodes Control Panel, select the ‘Apps’ menu item, and then click on the ‘Storage Backup’ icon.

If this is the first time you have connected the USB drive to the Antipodes for backup, make sure you do not need any files that are currently on the drive, and click on the ‘Format USB drive’ button.

If you have backed up to this USB drive before do not format it and go straight to the step below to click on the ‘Backup to USB drive’ button, and the process will only add new and changed files to the USB drive.

Click ‘OK’ and the screen will display progress until it has finished formatting the USB Drive.

When the USB drive has been formatted then click the ‘Backup to USB drive’ button.

Click the ‘OK’ button and the screen will display progress until it has finished the backup to the USB Drive, adding all new and changed files added since the last backup.

When the backup has finished disconnect the USB drive and store it in a secure place.

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