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6moons Reviews the CX+EX

6moons Reviews the CX+EX

6 Moons Review Of The CX+EX Solution

Srajan Ebaen, editor of, has penned a significant review of the CX+EX Solution. For the purposes of comparisons, Srajan borrowed a C.E.C. TL-2N belt-drive transport from Kevin & Lynn Scott of Living Voice, that had bested all other music servers, to date.

“Now the [CX+EX] proved to be the belt drive’s equal. Full Stop.

“With my C.E.C. loan acting as personal reference for what [Kevin & Lynn Scott of Living Voice] demand of digital, I finally had a serious streaming recommendation for these analog purists who until now hadn’t been able to get behind streaming.”

“on sheer build quality, these Kiwi challengers eclipsed all other audiophile servers I’d hosted until then”

“If you thought that sonically, streaming would automatically leapfrog CD spins, you’ve not heard a superior disc transport in far too long. Never mind the ‘antique’ dismissals from the numbers warriors in the PC-fi brigade. For ears-on performance, playing silver discs on a premium set like C.E.C.’s which sidesteps the serial S/PDIF protocol and doesn’t connect to the Internet remains the gold standard. Antipodes now matched that head on to no longer make apologies for all of streaming’s lazy consequences.”

“it feels relevant to call out the Antipodes solution as being modeled on the analogue not typical digital experience”

“In this component sector, Aurender, Innuos and Lumin have become some of the most elite brands. After my time with the Solution from the Down Under, I think that not only does Antipodes Audio belong into the same league but today might just rule it.”

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