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Antipodes Music Servers

How Do They Sound?

Exciting, fast, dynamic and immediate. And yet with accurate timbre, space, nuance, and the finest of detail resolution.

What you will hear with Antipodes Music Servers, that you won’t hear from any others, is all the drama, magic and artistry in the original recording.

Antipodes EX - Integrated Server/Renderer

Exceptional Musicality

“The EX is a great Music Server and an even better Renderer.”

“Technically immaculate as well as emotionally highly involving.”

Antipodes CX - Integrated Server/Renderer

Exceptional Transparency

“Just the same, the CX is an amazing Server.”

“Every bit as fast as my big tower PC.”

Ultimate Sound Quality

“But when combined, the two perform at an unprecedented level.”

“This combination is, quite simply, the very best digital front end that I have heard.”

Quotes are from reviews of the CX and EX published at

How Our Servers Work

The Antipodes EX and CX each combine both the server function and the renderer function in a single device:

• Store your music files internally or externally
• Access internet streaming services like TIDAL, QOBUZ, SPOTIFY …
• Select what to play with your desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone
• Play direct to your DAC or Amp, and stream to networked players
• And much more…

EX Configuration

Image of EX connected to a network and sound system.

CX Configuration

Easy To Upgrade

Start with an EX, or a CX, and add the other to upgrade later to the incredible CX+EX Solution.

CX+EX Configuration

Flexible Storage Options

Antipodes EX with two SSDs installed, showing the slots at the rear with SSDs in them.

User-installable or dealer-installable music file storage – slide the disks in the rear slots.

Or play from music files on your network, or on a USB drive.

Or synchronise the library with a music library on another device on your network.

High Quality CD Ripping

Add any USB optical drive. Or add an Antipodes P1 ripper/isolation platform, for the best possible rips.

Precision-Clocked Digital Outputs

The CX and EX are designed for ultra-low noise USB and Direct Ethernet outputs to stream to DACs.

The P2 Digital Outputs Platform provides femto-second clock regeneration to add S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S digital outputs.

Software Solutions

Antipodes Control Panel

Pre-Configured Best-Of Breed Apps

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