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Class-Leading Music Servers

Antipodes Audio is committed to providing world-leading music servers across the entire high-end audio price range. Our candidate for the world’s best music server is the Oladra at $25,000. The K-Series starts with the K21 at $6,500 and is headed by the highly acclaimed Class A+ K50 at $17,500. The small form-factor S-Series starts with the S30 at $3,500 and enables modular upgrades to increase your sound quality performance at your pace.

Oladra Technology

“Listening was the most enjoyable and rewarding I’ve ever experienced at home.” Jason Victor Serinus  |  STEREOPHILE

“really did represent the best sounding music server I’ve yet hosted” Ralph Werner | FAIR AUDIO

“adds an overwhelming sense of natural flow and deep soundstaging, making other server/streamer sources sound flat and relatively technical in comparison” Christiaan Punter | HIFI ADVICE

Who’d have thought that, of all places, New Zealand would be home to what looks like some of the most advanced digital streaming we have at our disposal at this time?” Srajan Ebaen | 6 MOONS

There is a musically critical difference between just getting nice sounds, and the explosive urgency and excitement of being right there with the artists. This is what the Antipodes Oladra technology is all about, and what sets Antipodes music servers apart for lovers of music.” Mark Jenkins | CEO, Antipodes Audio Limited

Industry-Leading Customer Support

Antipodes is committed to provide all of its customers with the most comprehensive and responsive customer support. We do this through Live Chat, User Forums, Newsletters, Video User Guides, Troubleshooting Guides, Remote Assistance and Upgrade Programs. If that isn’t enough to look after you fully, then you can book a one-on-one appointment for one of our experts to consult with you on any topic related to Antipodes music servers.

Comprehensive Application Suite

Antipodes brings you a range of best-of-breed playback apps for you to choose from, or use in combination with each other, to create the total solution you desire.