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Antipodes Server-Player-Reclockers

World-leading technology for music’s sake, proudly made in New Zealand and available everywhere.

Organic – Dynamic – Immersive

“Listening was the most enjoyable and rewarding I’ve ever experienced at home.” Jason Victor Serinus | STEREOPHILE

“adds an overwhelming sense of natural flow and deep soundstaging, making other server/streamer sources sound flat and relatively technical in comparison” Christiaan Punter | HIFI ADVICE

“really did represent the best sounding music server I’ve yet hosted” Ralph Werner | FAIR AUDIO

Who’d have thought that, of all places, New Zealand would be home to what looks like some of the most advanced digital streaming we have at our disposal at this time?Srajan Ebaen | 6 MOONS

Simple & Complete

Main System

Click to switch between a wide range of Auto and User-defined presets, including:

  • Roon Server with Roon Player
  • Roon Server with HQPlayer
  • Roon Server with Squeeze Player
  • Squeeze Server with Squeeze Player
  • HQPlayer Server with HQPlayer NAA
  • Minimserver with MPD
  • MiniDLNA with MPD
Networked Audio

Click to enable as many Server apps as needed to distribute audio to compatible clients on your network:

  • Roon Server
  • Squeeze Server (LMS)
  • HQPlayer Server Embedded
  • Minimserver
  • MiniDLNA
  • PLEX Server
  • SONOS Server
Output Options

Connect to your DAC via a range of output options, supporting the maximum available bit-rate for each connection type (options depend on model):

  • Ethernet (RJ45)
  • USB (A)
  • I2S (HDMI & RJ45)
  • AES3 (3-Pin XLR)
  • Clock Master (BNC)
Note that use of Roon Server, HQPlayer Embedded and paid streaming services (such as TIDAL, QOBUZ, etc) require the user to acquire relevant licenses.

Comprehensive User Support