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Antipodes Audio Limited

Antipodes Audio began in 2004 as an audio cable maker, based on our own proprietary open-lattice pure silver and pure gold wire.

In 2009 we began R&D on music servers and launched our first music servers in 2011 for the New Zealand and Australian markets. It is now 10 years since we began marketing our music servers internationally in 2012, immediately winning a 6moons Blue Moon award, and a little later a Stereophile Class A+ recommendation.

Since then we have been at the forefront of music server development, focused on delivering digital audio that excels in naturalness and musical expression, rather than technology for the sake of it.

In recent years our Oladra project has delivered significant breakthroughs and has reached a level of maturity where we decided to launch our new premiere product, the OLADRA. Oladra-based design means we design the electronics from the ground up for ultra-low noise interference, and this approach allows us to avoid noise filtering that would limit bandwidth.

Delivering the perfect square wave to the DAC chip requires zero noise and infinite bandwidth. This will always be an unattainable goal, but Antipodes’ Oladra-based approach allows our music servers to achieve unmatched levels of resolution, dynamics, naturalness and organic musicality.

Antipodes Audio Limited
Suite 1, Clean Technology Tower
2 Ake Ake Place
Otaki Commercial Park
Otaki 5512
Kapiti Coast
New Zealand