Antipodes Audio Limited

Antipodes Audio Limited started in High-End Audio in 2004, making audio cables, using our own proprietary gold and silver wire, in pure unbleached cotton insulation, with unique geometries.

In 2009 we decided to switch our emphasis to music servers, launched our first music servers in 2011, and swiftly won a series of major awards.

Antipodes started in the eastern suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand, and has been located on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand since 2016.

The cable business and music server business began for the same reason. Antipodes founder, Mark Jenkins, loves music and discovered how high-end audio could enhance musical enjoyment very early in life. But in putting a high quality system together he discovered two areas where the available products were simply not good enough.

The first was cabling. After sampling many brands it seemed that all of them had severe design limitations. What gave the clue that the designs were wrong, was the system-dependence of the cables. So Antipodes audio cables were designed around unique geometries that meant that the cables sounded musically right in any system.

Mark was a very early adopter of music server technology, back in the days of the first Slim Devices products. While the sound quality available from these products was compromised, the way computer-based audio changed the whole music experience was a revelation. So Mark just had to fix this problem, by focusing entirely on bringing great sound to computer audio. That grew into a significant enterprise, in which there was no room for the cable business, but we might find a way to add it to the music server business one day.

One key choice a high-end audio manufacturer needs to make is whether you are going to sell based on the technology you employ or the sound quality you deliver. This is particularly true in the field of music servers, where the computer technologies are constantly evolving and well marketed in the IT press. The problem that arises is that some advances in computer technology improve sound quality and some advances in computer technology diminish sound quality. Some simple examples are that most advances in motherboard chipsets advance sound quality, but most advances in interfaces (eg. SATA and USB) diminish sound quality. This is because the technologies are aimed at delivering computer power for number crunching and data look-ups, not to increase the sound quality of music servers. Antipodes has firmly decided to compete on its sound quality, rather than the list of technologies employed. For this reason we do not list the specific details of, say, RAM, Mips, GHz, etc. We do not do this in order to hide anything. We do it because, if we are measured by the specs we publish then this will divert us towards improving those specs rather than sound quality. Antipodes is an audio company, not a computer company, and so our values are about the sound. We choose to ‘live and die’ by the sound quality we deliver, rather than ‘live and die’ by specs we publish.

Antipodes Audio remains owned by the Jenkins family.