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AMSv4.1 was released 2.15pm 18 November 2022 NZ time (UTC+13Hrs). AMSv4.1 includes 5 bug fixes discovered, and some work-arounds for users with network local domain resolution issues. Users with AMSv4 will see an update button at the solution dashboard, and all they need to do is click on it to run the update, and then reboot into AMSv4.1.


  • K40 and K41 devices had problems with the solution dashboard – fixed
  • EX & EDGE models did not report CPU temperatures – fixed
  • Circular usage/temps bar not working accurately in some situations – fixed
  • ‘No Valid Output’ warning incorrectly shows when the output app is set to none – fixed
  • Squeeze light-mode Search function visibility problem – fixed


  • Squeeze not opening when port 9000 not available – will now automatically open port 9001 when port 9000 is not available
  • In some networks the Oladra, K50 and K30 would not find the server device properly – a work-around has been implemented

Planned Future Updates

  • Applications updates for HQPlayer and Spotify Connect will be made available soon
  • A work-around is needed for some ISPs’ incorrect implementations of IPv6 that mean some users cannot use the My Antipodes page
  • A My Antipodes app will be released for Android and iOS that will improve device discovery, particularly for those using a VPN. This app will also be a vehicle for a growing range of functionality over the next few years.