AMSv3.11 Upgrade

The software upgrade to v3.11 is now live.

Leave your music server booted up (not in standby) and it will receive the upgrade tool at 3.30am tonight or tomorrow night, your time, depending on your location. When you open the GUI or Dashboard from My Antipodes, the upgrade tool will open and you have the choice to begin the upgrade or skip it to do it later.

Once you start the upgrade, ignore all messages on the screen until it specifically asks you to REBOOT. Because an individual step says it is complete, does not mean the upgrade is finished. Interrupting it before you are asked to reboot will likely corrupt the software on your music server.

If you have a dual computer model, such as a K50 or K30, or if you connect directly between two music servers, such as between a S40 and S30, then you must complete the upgrade on the one running the Server apps first, reboot, and then complete the upgrade on the one running the Player apps. Do not upgrade them both at the same time.

Reboot by shutting down via the front panel power button. And then restart the music server via the same button.

What It Means

  • Already on v3.1?
    If you are already on AMSv3.1, then the v3.11 upgrade includes some bug fixes, application updates and upgrades that time had not allowed us to include in v3.1.
  • What if you do not get the upgrade tool?
    If you have left your music server on but not received the upgrade tool by 7 December 2021, get in touch with us so that we can get the upgrade started for you. The issue can be network communications issues, or only leaving your music server in standby rather than booted up and running.
  • What if you are not yet on AMSv3.1?
    You have not missed out. The upgrade process is cumulative and will deliver everything you require to be up to date at v3.11. Note that if you are upgrading from AMS3.0 or earlier, then this is a large upgrade in several steps, that you must not interrupt. Many users created problems for their music servers by not waiting for the instruction to ‘reboot’, and exiting the process before that instruction. Please be patient.

What It Contains

These are the key upgrades in AMSv3.11.

  • Roon Native DSD
    A bug prevented Native DSD enablement with Roon Server, and v3.11 fixes this.
  • Squeeze Player
    A bug made it difficult for Squeeze Server to find Squeeze Player on the network, and v3.11 fixes this.
  • Internal Audio
    The latest Operating System did not provide full support for some internal audio chips, which mainly affected Analog Outputs, and v3.11 fixes this.
  • My Antipodes
    Some users experienced problems with finding their music servers on the My Antipodes page. We have enhanced the code for the My Antipodes page to work with a wider variety of home network setups to address this.
  • Third-Party App Updates
    The v3.11 upgrade will update your applications to the latest versions that have passed testing on our operating system.
  • System Optimisation
    Users wanting to optimise sound quality should leave their music server on. But this can result in memory issues over time. AMSv3.11 introduces regular memory optimisations to avoid any deterioration of performance, making it even more advisable to leave your music server on.
  • SQUEEZE Remote Control
    AMSv3.11 includes a new SQUEEZE Server skin, based on Material, focused on making the interface easier to use. Since SQUEEZE is, in our opinion, the best sounding software, we intend to continue to innovate with this skin to make it both simple and complete for most users’ needs.