Antipodes Control Panel


For most setups, you will need to access the Antipodes Control Panel, such as to:

  • set which renderer app to use,
  • install or uninstall apps,
  • update your software periodically,
  • mount external storage.

The Antipodes Control Panel is a web-app installed on your Antipodes music server that you access using a browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome). Use any device with a browser (eg. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) that is connected to the same network as your Antipodes music server.

To get to the Antipodes Control Panel, start your Antipodes (see below for details of starting and shutting down your Antipodes) and use any device to browse to Whenever you start or shutdown an Antipodes, it will communicate with to keep a record of any Antipodes on your network, and what its IP Address is. The sole purpose of this process is so that you can quickly get to the Antipodes Control Panel of any Antipodes device on your network.

Click on the ‘Manage’ button or on the IP address of the Antipodes you wish to open and this will open the Antipodes Control Panel.

Amongst other things, the Control Panel allows you to install or uninstall optional applications. We recommend that you uninstall apps you do not think you will use, to minimise services activity and therefore optimise sound quality. You can easily re-install these apps at any time.

Click on “Apps” and then on the “Software Manager” icon. This will allow you to complete a “Software update”, see the “Installed apps” you might decide to uninstall, or the installable “Available Apps” you might decide to install. See the next article for more details.

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