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Audio Shows


Around October each year we get busy going to, or just supporting, audio shows around the world.

The image above is from the Xfi show in the Netherlands.  We love working with the Aequo loudspeaker team and it does not hurt that their elegant loudspeakers sound fantastic.  We also showed with Aequo in Munich 2018 and also in Melbourne 2018 (see below).

Doug White of “The Voice That Is” is renowned for providing the best sound at every show he attends and showed our Antipodes DX3 with TIDAL loudspeakers and electronics at a number of shows in the USA this year – including Axpona, Rocky Mountain, NYC.

The Melbourne International HIFI Show continues to be the best run show we have ever attended.  Marc Rushton (Stereonet) and his team do an amazing job.

In Melbourne we showed with Pure Music Group.

We had the EX playing alongside a TechDAS Air Force III turntable, through Aequo Stilla loudspeakers.  The sound of the EX came a lot closer to the TechDAS than you might think.  Regular visits to listen to Pure Music Group’s world class turntables have taught us a lot about how to voice our music servers, but we also cheated a little by using the EX as just a renderer and playing from the CX we had hooked up to another system running Kii loudspeakers.  In between playing to the EX through the Stillas playing down the room, we also played the CX direct into the Kii III speaker system playing across the room.  The CX/Kii combination provided incredible sound at its combined price, with its main strength being how very musically engaging it was.



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