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    Tell us about the DAC you use with your Antipodes music server and tell us about any compatibility issues if any exist.

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    Rick McQuiston


    I have been having a problem for awhile with my Auralic Vega G2 DAC and Roon. I’ve been hearing an annoying pop before the music starts especially it seems after switching file resolutions between albums and Tidal. I’ve had the Auralic checked twice for problems and it doesn’t look like it’s the culprit. So it’s either Roon (who I’ve contacted many times without a solution) or the Antipodes DX3 server. Could it be possible there’s a problem between the server and Roon? As of now, I’ve been assuming the problem has been Roon. My system consists of Roon (on a Mac laptop), my Antipodes server feeding the Auralic G2 Dac and Auralic Leo clock, then fed through a Shindo Masseto preamp and Leben CS1000 amp and Devore speakers. Any suggestions anybody has would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The Antipodes DX3 is 100% compliant with the USB Audio 2.0 standard. The likely problem here is that our servers are very low latency. This can expose bugs in the firmware for USB inputs on DACs. Transitions between files of different bitrates when using Roon or MPD are when you will experience this most. The problem comes about because when the bitrate changes, the DAC does not know about the change till the last moment, and if it cannot react as fast as Roon and the Antipodes, it gets into trouble. When the DAC cannot react fast enough you will get a burst of noise, usually so short that it sounds like a pop, or it can be even worse and the DAC’s USB drivers can crash.

    To double-check, can you please try playing a playlist (just some tracks where the transitions cause a pop), that has problems with Roon, with Squeezebox/Squeezelite. Squeezebox/Squeezelite has greater latency and the pops will probably be eliminated.

    I am not suggesting that you should start using Squeezebox/Squeezelite instead of Roon, but suggesting you test this to confirm that my theory is correct.

    Another thing that might tell us something is to play using one of the blue USB ports, rather than the black USB Audio ports, on the DX3.

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    Arthur Potts

    I am using a Bryston BDA-3 with no issues at all.

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