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    After many readings about great sound improvements when a ISO REGEN is installed on USB cable (by reclocking the signal), I decided to try this equipment.
    My source is the Antipodes DX gen3, linked to a Devialet 1000pro Core infinity by a Synergistic research Galileo UEF usb cable.
    According to ISO REGEN manufacturer, this equipment is to be placed at the end of the usb cable and then connected to your DAC. Manufacturer stares that ISO REGEN should be “invisible” to the digital source.
    However when the ISO REGEN is in place, Roon does not recognize USB connection to my Devialet anymore.
    All equipments have been re-booted to “activate proper recognition”, but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have tried ISO REGEN ?
    Any advices about how to overcome this problem?

    Thank you…

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    Tony Devitt

    Could you try this test?
    With the Iso NOT in the chain go to the Antipodes GUI Settings/System Settings/Custom DAC. Depending upon whether the Antipodes model is D1 or D2 you should see the Devialet USB connection as either ‘hw:0,0’ or ‘hw:1,0′ under “Audio Device List’.
    Then power off the Antipodes, connect the Iso, and power the Antipodes back on. Check Custom DAC again to see if the Devialet still shows. If it does you should be able to also see a Roon audio zone. If it doesn’t the Antipodes is not connecting to the Devialet via USB.

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    Hi Tony
    I did the test you proposed.
    Without the USB REGEN My Antipodes “sees” my Devialet:

    4) USB Audio Class Digital alsa audio output interface `hw:1,0′
    – device name = Expert Pro USB Audio 2.0
    – interface name = USB Audio
    – usb audio class = 2 – isochronous asynchronous
    – USB ID = /proc/asound/card1/usbid
    – character device = /dev/snd/pcmC1D0p
    – encoding formats = S32_LE, S16_LE
    – monitor file = /proc/asound/card1/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params
    – stream file = /proc/asound/card1/stream0

    When I plug the USB Regen my Devialet is not seen by Antipodes.
    I also did this test also connecting the Antipodes to my OPPO 205 DAC. Results are exactly the same.

    Then I made the same test using my computer as USB source for both Devialet and OPPO. Connections worked perfectly with and without ISO REGEN.

    From ISO REGEN Manufacturer I got this procedure to test their device:
    “1) Attach (and power on) the ISO REGEN directly to your computer using a generic, non-audiophile USB cable such as the 6-inch black one that we include with every unit.
    2) Plug a USB 2.0 flash thumb drive directly into the output jack of the ISO REGEN.
    3) Check on your computer for the mounting of that flash drive.
    If you can mount a flash drive via connection to the ISO REGEN then both the upstream and downstream sides of the unit are functioning correctly and your problem lay elsewhere in your USB chain or with some aspect of power or cabling.
    If you can not mount a USB 2.0 flash drive when following the above direct connection steps, then it is likely your ISO REGEN has failed and we will replace it.”

    Using the ISO Regen between my computer and the USB flash pen I am able to make any read/write operation at the pen.

    At this point and with all the experiments I did, I can conclude that:
    1) Both Devialet and OPPO are “seen” and work well when directly linked to my Antipodes;
    2) Both Devialet and OPPO do not “seen” and do not work when ISO REGEN is between Antipodes and the DACS;
    3) Both Devialet and OPPO are “seen” and work well when directly linked to my Computer;
    4) Both Devialet and OPPO are “seen” and work well when linked to my Computer with ISO Regen;
    I tried this with two different USB cables and the results were exactly the same.

    This experiences pointed me to any kind of incompatibility between the Antipodes and the ISO REGEN. Probably a kind of a “driver” issue may be occurring at Antipodes.

    Let me know your thoughts
    Thank you


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    Tony Devitt

    Could you test with the Regen connected to one of the blue USB ports on the DX3, instead of the black Audio 5V On USB port, and advise if the Devialet and/or Oppo is seen.

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    Hi Tony
    Tried your suggestion.
    The same happens:
    – Devialet and OPPO DACs are “seen” by Antipodes without ISO Regen;
    – Both DACs are unseen by Antipodes with ISO Regen.

    I just emailed ISO Regen support and copied you. Maybe with you guys speaking directly we can find a solution.
    Thank you


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