Rip Your Music Right First Time

If you are going to rip your music then you should do it once and do it the best available way.  Using the ripper in your Antipodes, or using the P1 with an Antipodes makes sure of that.

To get the best possible rip, you need to use the right software and the right hardware, and we have selected that for you.

Some ripper drives are not appropriate for ripping your music.  Some have lasers and servos that are not precise enough to read damaged or poorly pressed disks accurately, and so will use a lot of error correction.  Some high priced rippers are designed for a fast and certain rip by building error correction into the process, regardless of the ripper software used.  You don’t want either of those things happening.

The ripper in the P1 has incredibly high precision servo and laser electronics, able to read pits 100 times smaller than the pits on a CD.

The ripper software runs in a form of paranoid mode.  What this means is that every sector is read at least twice.  If the two reads match perfectly with each other then the process moves on to the next sector.  If they do not match perfectly then the read speed is reduced and two more reads are made.  The process of reducing speed is continued until two identical reads are made.  This inevitably means the ripper process will take at least twice the time you are used to with ripping.  Instead of rips happening in 3 to 5 minutes, they will take 6 to 10 minutes or even longer if the disk is difficult to get a perfect read from.

The fact that rips are taking longer with the Antipodes solution indicates deficiencies in your other ripping options, not the reverse.


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