BubbleUPnP Server is a UPnP server application enabling you to:

  • Have secure Internet access to your UPnP/DLNA server content, with BubbleUPnP on a tablet and foobar2000 on a Windows device.
  • Create OpenHome media renderers from any UPnP AV renderer (provides on-device playlist, and multiple Control Point access to the same renderer)
  • Address some common issues with UPnP/DLNA servers (discovery issues, broken data, add some audio DLNA compliance) by creating a proxy Media Server
  • Access your UPnP/DLNA servers across different networks

Set up BubbleUPnP Server by selecting the ’Apps’ menu item in the Antipodes Control Panel, and then click on the BubbleUPnP icon.

Click ‘OK’ at the welcome screen.

You will be prompted to supply login details for remote access.

Leave the following screen that displays unchanged.

Click the ‘Status’ tab and check that the ‘Internet Connectivity Test’ has worked successfully, as shown below.

Leave the other settings unchanged.

If the ‘Internet Connectivity Test’ was unsuccessful, click the ‘Restart Server’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Click the ‘Media Servers’ tab to display the UPnP/DLNA servers that have been located on your network by BubbleUPnP.

Finally, click the ‘Media Renderers’ tab. This window shows the DLNA renderers that have been located on the network, in this example ‘antipodes_USB’, a player on the Antipodes server, and BubbleUnP SM-G3600 (the local player on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone).

Check the ‘Create an OpenHome renderer’ box to enable OpenHome capability for the renderer.

How to Run BubbleUPnP Server.

After it has been successfully installed BubbleUPnP Server will be started automatically and then runs continuously. It is automatically started when the Antipodes server is powered on. It can be restarted by pressing the ‘Restart Server’ button on the ‘Status’ screen.

BubbleUPnP Server Support

Usage and support information for BubbleUPnP Server is available at www.bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver/.

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