Copy Files


To copy files to or from your Antipodes, or delete files on your Antipodes, open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

Antipodes will usually show in the left pane under ‘Network’ (Windows) or ‘Shared’ (Mac). You can now copy and delete files in the same way as if they were located on your computer.

If ‘antipodes’ does not show in File Explorer then there may be a network problem. Enter the address of your Antipodes in the address bar of File Explorer – eg. \antipodes\storage, or \\storage (use the IP address found by browsing to If you are asked for login credentials, just enter ‘guest’ as the user and submit.

Similarly if Antipodes does not show under ‘Shared’ in Mac Finder, click Finder menu item Go, and then sub-menu item Connect To Server. In the dialogue box that appears, enter address smb://antipodes/, or smb:// (but use your actual IP address, this is just an example) and click Connect. If you are asked for a username, click on the Guest option.

You can now copy/paste or drag/drop your files between the server and other locations on your network.

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