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Fair Audio Reviews the EX

Fair Audio Reviews the EX

Fair Audio Review of EX

Ralph Werner of Fair Audio ( has written a comprehensive review of the Antipodes EX in German. This reviewer has spent the time to clearly identify and describe how the EX sounds and is well worth the read even via Google Translate.

“With the Antipodes EX, it’s as if someone had torn open the windows and properly ventilated. No fog, no cloud, no haze can be discerned in the sound image, which is particularly noticeable in the transparency and transparency of the virtual stage.”

“The New Zealander is just closer – closer to the singer, who stands in front of you and gives a serenade, closer to the bowed cello string and the woody textures and tonal nuances of this beautiful instrument. Closer but also to impulses, be it a battered cymbal or a forced played piano, be it a sharply tapped e-bass or guitar string. For some listeners, that may seem surprisingly “fresh and straight” at first. In my opinion, this is not artificial hardship, but an authentic one… this unfiltered fine-dynamic accuracy.”

“As a third strength in addition to excellent resolution / impulse behavior and the great spatial representation of this – sorry – go through super horny bass. Logically, the chain must be able to pass that, of course, a box with Schlabberbass “repaired” by any music server in the world. But if the base is right, the Antipodes EX makes a difference again – even in the basement. Anyway, I have the impression that with the EX as a player not only more substantial, but also deeper and more defined in the lower octaves. Getting all three at the same time is as rare as it is beautiful.”

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