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User Guides – AMSv3

The guides on this page refer to AMSv3. You can also access the guides for the latest version of AMS.

Application Suite

Antipodes music servers offer you a wide range of applications to meet your playback needs. Our solutions include Squeeze, Roon, HQPlayer, MPD, Minimserver, Spotify Connect, SONOS Server and Plex Server.

Each application is setup so that the single music library on an Antipodes is available to each of the applications, and users can easily switch between applications with a few clicks, or even use more than one solution at a time to stream to multiple devices on your network. Using Plex, you can also stream to your mobile device while on the move.

Key Concepts

Please take the time to watch the first three videos to understand important terminology and concepts, such as the difference between Server Apps and Player Apps, and the difference between connection types. If you are new to using music servers then you need to view these videos first. A clear understanding of these concepts will make the rest of the guides much easier to follow.


Explains the key components of a digital audio source solution – terminology introduced here will make the guides easier to follow


Explains how different computer audio products can often combine these components in different ways


Provides and overview of the many different playback solutions you can use on an Antipodes music server

Initial Setup

Antipodes music servers use our AMS software dashboard interface to make it easy for you to set things up, compile your library, and switch between the different applications. These three videos show you how to open the dashboards and to setup your music library. If you are an experienced user then these may be the only videos you need to view. The dashboards are where you configure your Antipodes. You must setup storage before ripping or copying music to your music server.


The dashboards are where you configure your Antipodes


You must setup storage before ripping or copying music to your music server


Covers how to rip CDs, copy music to and from the music server, include external folders in your library, and how to make backups

Playing Music

Each of these videos covers a different playback solution that you can use on an Antipodes music server. Each video covers how to setup your Antipodes music server to use the solution. The videos do not cover all of the features of each solution, because you are better to, for example, visit the Roon Labs website to learn how to use Roon, visit the Signalyst website to learn how to use HQPlayer, etc. However we have thousands of Antipodes customers using these applications, and you can visit our user forum to ask questions and get tips from experienced users.