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HiFi Russia Reviews The CX+EX

HiFi Russia Reviews The CX+EX

HiFi Russia Review of the CX+EX

Stas Ustenko of has written a very illuminating review directly comparing the performance of the CX+EX against two solutions commonly employed by Audiophiles. This reviewer has captured the essence of what makes Antipodes Music Servers great – they don’t just make great sound, they make great music with superior speed and dynamics. The review is in Russian but Google Translate will enable you to read it in your language.

“The test was carried out in three steps – first we connected our DAC to the iMac / Roon computer directly via USB. Then they switched to the connection via Intel NUC / Roon ROCK Server UPnP, Sonore ultraRendu. And finally, they connected a bunch of Antipodes Audio CX + EX to the DAC.”

“Something needs to be added to these observations. Antipodes Audio CX + EX really brought the necessary gloss to our system, added a significant amount of detail and strengthened the sound foundation, but here is how they differ dramatically – speed, dynamics, suddenness and range of sound drops when the music explodes and suddenly suddenly breaks into breathtaking silence . Real High End!”

“The components of Antipodes Audio CX and EX best debunk the myths that “the playback quality of a digital High End channel is determined by the DAC” and that you can do without a good audio server, but only a streamer. Just plug them into your path – and the “digit” will be transformed!”

Note that all quoted text is copied directly from Google Translate without edits or additions.

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