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Install A P2

Install A P2


Set the P2 underneath or on top of your Antipodes server, or in close proximity to the Antipodes server used for rendering, so that a short high quality USB cable can be used to connect between them.

The P2 is designed to provide vibration isolation for your CX or EX, and so the recommended placement is under your music server.

The P2 has dip-switches available on its under-side to allow it to work with any DAC’s I2S HDMI input. Setting the dip switches for your DAC is only required for playback of DSD files. If playing PCM files there is no need to make any changes to the dip-switch settings.

The P2 is shipped with settings consistent with PS Audio i2s inputs, and that scheme is suitable for a number of other brands that have adopted the PS Audio pin-out arrangement. The table printed on the under-side tells you which dip-switches to turn on for different brands of DAC.

Contact Antipodes Support if your DAC is not listed.

Turn your DAC off before installing the P2.

Attach the high quality digital cable you wish to use between the P2 and your DAC.

Note that you can attach multiple cables from the P2 to your DAC, but we recommend that you should only attach one digital cable at a time. This is because all digital cables introduce stray ground currents and act as both an antenna and a transmitter of high frequency noise. If you attach a number of cables it will make all of them sound poor. Auditioning different types of cables, to determine your preference, should be done one at a time, or you will not be hearing what each cable is really capable of.

Attach a high quality USB cable from the black ‘5v On’ USB Audio 2.0 port on your Antipodes Server to the USB input of the P2.

Use the Antipodes Control Panel to set the P2 as the ‘USB DAC’.

Turn on your DAC and select the appropriate digital input.

You are now ready to play music through the P2.

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