User Installed Storage


Because Antipodes Music Servers are so low-noise then you get the best sound quality by playing from files stored on internal SSD storage.

Beginning with the CORE and the EDGE, and in the current line-up with the EX and CX, users are able to buy and install their own storage.  This makes the use of SSD storage, and future expansions of storage more affordable and much simpler to accomplish.

The high-end audio industry is very specialist and low-volume, so adding commodity items at the factory can add a lot of cost before it gets to the consumer, and SSDs are still costly items.  The computer industry is much higher-volume and more suited to selling commodities, so customers can buy SSDs much more easily and at lower cost from their computer store.  SSD Warranty issues will also be much simpler to manage and resolve if they arise.  This is why we introduced user-installable storage.

You don’t need any tools.  What you do is this:

  1. Buy any one or two 2.5″ 7mm Sata SSDs (the most common kind) from your computer store.
  2. Slide the SSDs in the slots at the rear of your Antipodes server and push them home firmly.  They will be gripped very securely.
  3. Contact Antipodes Support to book an online session to setup your storage.

When installed, the SSDs sit a little proud of the rear panel so that you can grip them for removal.

The disks should only be inserted or removed when the server is completely shut down and the power turned off.

We recommend you use Samsung EVO SSDs.  The quality of firmware differs between SSD suppliers and some brands can create problems for you under various circumstances, but we have found that the Samsung SSDs have the best and most robust firmware out of the many we have tested.  Some people claim different SSDs sound different, and we agree that is true during a burn-in period of about a week, but that after burn-in the sound is very similar.  One exception to this is that we find 2.5″ Sata SSDs to sound considerably more natural compared with any of the msata or m.2 SSDs.

The online support session will setup a single logical location across the disks so that it appears to you to be a single large disk and all the files will automatically be part of your music library.

Similarly, you can replace the disks with larger capacity disks with the assistance of Antipodes Support without the Antipodes server even having to be removed from your stereo system.

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