Manage Applications


The Antipodes Control Panel offers a wide range of best-of-breed applications for playing music. You can choose to install or uninstall any of them with a couple of clicks. It is a good idea, from a sound quality point of view, to only install the playback applications that you intend to use regularly, because installed applications will load services at start-up that will consume resources and raise the noise floor of the system.

You should also regularly update your Antipodes software. Therefore this section covers how to update the software suite, how to install applications and how to uninstall applications.

At the Antipodes Control Panel, select the ‘Apps’ menu item and click on the ‘Software Manager’ icon.

Updating The Software Suite

Click on the ‘Update’ button, confirm by clicking on ‘Update’ and let the process run to completion.

When the update has finished click on ‘Back to main menu’, and reboot to complete the update process.

Installing Applications

On the Software Update screen (see above) select the ‘Available Apps’ tab.

Click the icon of the app you wish to install and then on ‘Install’ and ‘Install’ to confirm.

Click on ‘Back to Package Manager’. The application has now been installed and can be seen in ‘Installed Apps’.

Uninstalling Applications

On the Software Update screen (see above) select the ‘Installed Apps’ tab and click the icon of the application you wish to uninstall.

Click on ‘Delete’ and ‘Delete’ to confirm, and the application will be removed from the ‘Installed Apps’ list and appear on the ‘Available Apps’ list.

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