MPD Renderer


If you wish to use a DLNA/UPnP solution and want an Antipodes to perform the DLNA renderer function then you can use MPD.

Setup the renderer in the Antipodes Control Panel of an Antipodes that is connected via USB to your DAC:

  • Select the menu item ‘Settings’
  • Click on the ‘MPD’ icon
  • This will open the screen shown below.


  • Give the player a name
  • Select the audio device
  • Select how your DAC should receive DSD files.
  • Set streaming quality levels consistent with your streaming service license.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’.


When used in a DLNA/UPnP solution, you need to use a DLNA/UPnP remote control app on your remote device. Visit the app store for your device and search on DLNA or UPnP and you will discover an ever-evolving range of possible applications. Within the remote app you need to select the server and the renderer to control, and then you can start playing music.

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