Plex is a media server application that organises video, music and photos from personal media libraries and streams them to media servers, smart TVs, streaming boxes and mobile devices that have compliant player apps.

Plex can also be setup as a DLNA server.

You can control Plex on a Windows PC, an Apple Mac or a tablet or smartphone using one of the DLNA remote controller apps such as BubbleUPnP, UPnP, Foobar 2000 etc.

To use Plex with the Antipodes you need to install the optional Plex application.

After installing it on your Antipodes, the first step is to use a browser to go to, click on ‘Create Plex Account’ and proceed to create your account.

Then, back in the Antipodes Control Panel, select the ‘Apps’ menu item, and click on the ‘Plex’ icon. A new browser window will open where you can review and agree to the Plex Terms of Service. You will then be taken to the Plex interface to complete the setup. The setup is well-designed and intuitive.

The key part of the setup with respect to the Antipodes server, is to setup the library location on the Antipodes (which is ‘/storage’) as a library within Plex.

For example, in the ‘Add Library’ window select ‘Music’, give your library a name, and then click ‘NEXT’.

In the following screens you will select the folders to include in your music library. Click the ‘storage’ entry on the left hand side, then ‘music’, and finally ‘flac’; this points to where album folders are stored on the Antipodes (/storage/music/flac).

Then click ‘ADD’ to add the folder to your music library. You can add additional folders to your library now or later on; here ‘/storage/nas’ has also been added.

When you have finished adding folders click ‘NEXT’, select ‘Create a basic music library’ on the following screen followed by ‘NEXT’, and then ‘ADD LIBRARY’ on the last screen.

Plex Media Server will then create the library on your Antipodes.


Plex website:

Plex apps for Android, iOS, Windows:

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