Antipodes’ OLADRA upgrade program for the CX and EX has begun and runs through to the end of August 2021. We need to cease all other manufacture in order to complete these complex upgrades, so we are limited in the amount of time we can dedicate the factory to these upgrades.

We are able to complete a full OLADRA upgrade for the CX and EX. Since releasing the new K Series and S Series, we have developed the ultimate tuning for the CX and EX electronics, designed a new control system for them, and a completely new power supply. You can confidently expect large gains in dynamics, detail, tonality, depth layering and a lower noise floor.

The process involves Antipodes organizing a courier to pick up your units, getting them to our factory, completing the hardware upgrades, installing AMSv3.1, testing and then couriering your upgraded units back to you. For most countries, Antipodes will manage all carrier, export and import documentation and clearance. The items will be exported on a repair and return basis, and will be shipped to you DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). We can only do this with countries where our Carrier has this capability and we will advise you if it is not possible for your country.

The all-inclusive cost is USD1950 per unit, and includes a new 2 year warranty. Each unit will have a new serial label affixed to evidence the upgrade has been completed by Antipodes Audio, and you will receive a certification document.

To keep turnaround times as short as possible we will manage the flow of pick-ups by allocating you a week in which you should organize the courier pick-up. The worldwide parts shortages that have delayed us being able to offer these upgrades, also mean that stocks of the relevant parts are also limited, so we recommend you book your upgrade as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

To book your upgrade, complete and submit the form below. If you would like to trade-in any Antipodes music server on a new OLADRA model, or if you would like a run-out offer on a P1 or P2, please use the same form and add your request in the “Additional Comments” field.