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Antipodes EX


  • Excellent Renderer
  • Very Good Mid-Power Server
  • Exceptional Musicality

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Antipodes EX

The EX is our entry model, but compares favourably with competing models at any price. In fact, the EX is superior to our legendary DX which has been a Stereophile Class A+ Recommended component for several years.

“Technically immaculate as well as emotionally highly involving, the Antipodes EX is my current reference for Roon playback.” – Christiaan Punter of HiFi Advice (

The EX is a superb renderer, coupled with a very good mid-power server capability.  Its full potential is realised when it is performing just the renderer function and receiving an excellent input signal from a CX. But when used on its own the EX is a stunning value entry model to the Antipodes X-Series. Its greatest strength is its exceptional musicality.

The EX was the first Antipodes music server to use our newly developed ODAPS2 power supply technology, which reduces high frequency noise without resorting to filtering. This translates to providing fast, clean and highly-resolved transients, with an improved sense of space and fine detail, without any of the harshness you may have associated with digital audio in the past.

Owners of an EX can use any USB CD/DVD ripper to auto-rip their CDs, or add the new P1 platform, with its integrated high precision ripper. The EX is also designed so that you can add your own storage disks. You can self-install up to 4TB of HDD or up to 8TB of SSD storage. Use of SSDs improves dynamics, high frequency sweetness and speed, and is significantly more musically engaging. If you prefer to have your storage disks pre-installed then your dealer can assist you.

We have added one notable feature to the EX, a good sounding stereo analog output. Customers moving from a CD Player can start with the EX and play direct to their amplifier, and leave adding a high quality USB DAC till later. This was not an attempt to include a high quality DAC, but to make entry to the high-end of digital audio more accessible:

  • It provides a low entry price to the digital audio high-end because it does not require you to add a DAC.
  • You can upgrade it with a high-quality USB DAC later.
  • You can upgrade it to the absolute state-of-the-art by adding a CX later, to become the CX+EX solution.
  • Starting this way is easier and sounds better than getting a DAC first and using a standard computer for the server.

The EX also includes Direct Ethernet capability, enabling the EX to feed an Ethernet DAC with a very low noise signal, insulated from extraneous network noise. It also enables the EX to receive a low-noise Ethernet signal from a CX, in the CX+EX Solution.


Antipodes Control Panel

  • Use any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to manage your EX
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Assemble Your Music Library

  • Add internal storage to your EX to enable playback from internal storage
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  • Rip your CDs to internal storage on your EX using any USB Optical Drive, or with optimum precision using an Antipodes P1
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  • Copy your music files to the internal storage of the EX over your network
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  • Manage your music on your desktop/laptop/nas and synchronise the library on the EX to it
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  • Setup automatic synchronisation to backup the files on your EX to external storage on your network
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  • Backup the files on your EX to a USB drive
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  • Add files on external storage (desktop/laptop/nas) to the music library of your EX
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Integration With Your System

  • An EX can be connected to play concurrently, direct to a DAC via either USB(or Analog), Direct to a DAC via Ethernet; and stream to devices on your network that are compatible with Roon, Squeezebox, DLNA/UPnP/OpenHome, SONOS or Plex
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  • Control playback on your EX from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
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The Antipodes CX offers a choice of best-of-breed applications, selected via the Antipodes Control Panel.

Music Playback Options

Complete Playback Solutions

DLNA Server Options

DLNA Renderer

Other Playback Options


Casework ColorSilver or BlackSilver or BlackSilver or BlackSilver or Black
Sound Quality Ranking (1=Best)123
Price Level (1=Highest)1234
Passive Fanless Silent Cooling
All Case Parts CNC Machined From Solid Alloy Block
USB Output
– 5v On/Off Options
– PCM to 32bit/768kHz
– DoP to DSD512
– Native DSD to DSD512
Stereo Analog Output
– Processes PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– Transcodes other formats before conversion
Low-Noise Ethernet Direct
Complete Antipodes Application Suite
– Server Apps
– Renderer Apps
– Admin Apps
User-Installable Storage – Two 2.5″ 7mm Sata0-8TB0-8TB0-8TB
Automatic CD Ripping App
Integrated CD Ripper
Medium Power V4X Circuit For Server Apps
– Not suitable for some Roon DSP functions
High Power V4H Circuit For Server Apps
– Enables demanding Roon DSP functions
Internal ODAPS2 Linear Regulated PSU
Power Required
– 110-120VAC 60Hz or 220-240VAC, Switchable
Width240mm (x2)240mm240mm240mm
Height (Including Feet)90mm90mm90mm30mm
– 2 Years
– Extendable to 3 Years With Registration
– 6 Months On Pre-Installed Storage


HiFi Advice Review of EX

“The Antipodes EX has a powerful, dynamic delivery with full tonality and very realistic textures. In addition, it has a smooth and refined delivery, with zero hash, zip, zing or other forms of harshness or brightness. In fact, the EX is probably as dynamic as the DX2 and at the same time as finely resolved as the very best servers and endpoints that I have heard. More specifically, it’s every bit as refined, focused and “hi-res” in presentation as the Aurender N10 was, but with a fuller, tonally more textured sound. It has great PRaT but also lets the music breathe and flow freely and it has superb lyrical capabilities. Technically immaculate as well as emotionally highly involving, the Antipodes EX is my current reference for Roon playback.”

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HiFi Advice have more comments on the EX in its review of the Antipodes CX+EX.

HiFi Advice Review of CX+EX

Christiaan Punter (Founder/Editor of HiFi Advice) first listened to the Antipodes EX as a renderer only, with Roon Server running on his computer. Then he heard how much better the EX sounded when it ran both the Server and Renderer apps. Then we sent him a CX to use as a Server feeding the EX as a Renderer, and he immediately discovered both how important the Server device is, and what a breakthrough product the CX is.

“ took all of 3 seconds before I loudly exclaimed: “Holy Shit!” The difference was not subtle, it was huge! Wow man, everything the EX does so well was still there, but magnified [by the CX+EX Solution]. The soundstage was now even larger, both wider and deeper and even more enveloping, the delivery more powerful, with even more impressive dynamics.”

“There comes a time when a reviewer just lacks the superlatives to describe the latest experience and for me, this is it. This combination is, quite simply, the very best digital front end that I have heard.”

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