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Roon Update

Roon Labs has announced that, as of Monday 28 February, customers using HQPlayer as the Player app for Roon Server, will need to upgrade HQPlayer Server Embedded to 4.29.3 or later.

Here is what we are doing about this

We are currently testing HQPlayer Server Embedded 4.30 and HQPlayer NAA 4.1.3, on our latest AMS suite.

From some of the chat we see in the internet, and receive from customers, it seems we need to explain why do we do this testing.

Antipodes music servers are a fully integrated suite of applications that simplifies the setup and update of software and optimises the performance of each application that our customers use. It is therefore possible for a new version of a single third party application to break the complete suite or negatively impact sound quality. This could easily negatively affect thousands of our customers around the world.

For this reason, we do not make third party updates available without full testing. In some cases we have a close partner relationship with third party application vendors, and this enables us to test their software before they release it, but this does not apply to all third party vendors.

When we have finished the testing of HQPlayer Server Embedded 4.30 and HQPlayer NAA 4.1.3, and addressed any integration and sound quality impacts, we will make them available to you for update in the usual way and this page will be updated. At this stage we see no reasons why this cannot be completed prior to 28 February.