Shairport is an Apple Airport Emulator. This makes the Antipodes work as if it was an Apple Airport device. So you can play music that is on your Apple Airplay device across your network to the Antipodes.

Note: because Apple may change the Airplay specification Antipodes Audio cannot guarantee continued reliability of the Shairport app on Antipodes servers.

How to Install Shairport

Go to Apps/Software Manager/Available Apps and click the Shairport icon. Then click ‘Install’:

Shairport will now  show under Apps/Software Manager/Installed Apps.

Note: if the Shairport app does not show under ‘Available Apps’ contact

How to start Shairport on the Antipodes

Go to Settings/Shairport and set Audio Device to the correct output, e.g. ‘USB DAC’:

Then click ‘Save Changes’ and check under Apps/Audio App Switcher that Shairport shows as ‘Active’:

How to use Shairport from an Airplay-capable device

On your Apple device go to the Sound control on the device. You will see the Antipodes Shairport player in the menu and can select it for playing music tracks,podcasts etc.



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