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AMSv4 was released on 17 October 2022, and introduces a new interface to manage your Antipodes. AMSv4 is available to all Antipodes Music Server/Players, by way of the usual update process (see Update Process at the end of this announcement), and will only take a few minutes to install.

With AMSv4 installed, go to the Antipodes website and navigate to the MyAntipodes page. Antipodes with AMSv4 will have a single ‘Open’ button, rather than the separate ‘Player Dashboard’ and ‘Server Dashboard’ buttons. The webpage no longer auto-updates and has a button to RESCAN instead.

Clicking on the ‘Open’ button will open the new Solution Dashboard. Visit our User Guides page for instructions on how to use AMSv4.

Update Process

Starting at AMSv3.1, feature-set enhancements are automatically enabled overnight. The overnight updates are timed for around 3am to 4am each night, to not interrupt your listening. Therefore you should ensure that your device has been set to the correct time-zone in the Dashboards. Each night at this time, your Antipodes Music Server will check if there is a later version of any of its software. If there is a newer package then it will be automatically downloaded for you to install next time you open a Dashboard.

Beginning with AMSv3.1.1, all forms of system cache (not your applications cache) are refreshed regularly, so that there is no need for you to reboot your Antipodes Music Server to keep it running optimally. You can therefore safely leave your Antipodes Music Server on for long periods.

If you have turned off your Antipodes Music Server, then you will not miss out on updates. Any updates will be available the next time you leave it running over-night.

Some Antipodes Music Servers from around 2011-2014 use motherboards that can only handle 32 bit operating systems. These cannot be updated with our latest software, which uses a 64 bit operating system. These Music Servers need to continue to use Vortexbox software, or you should contact Antipodes for a hardware upgrade.

If you are having a problem receiving updates please get in touch with us.