Software Updates

Antipodes has been increasing the proportion of its resources dedicated to software development, to improve the simplicity and completeness of the user experience.

This began with the development of AMSv3.0, and a little over a year later, it has continued with the release of AMSv3.1. More enhancements are planned and we now have a significant team focused on delivering on those plans.

Our intention is to push the enhancements out progressively, but occasionally there will be the need for a change in platform because of the ongoing improvements to the Linux operating system.

The move from AMSv3.0 to AMSv3.1 is a step-change in operating system, so it takes a lot more development and testing than a feature-set enhancement. This is because all software in our software suite needs to be re-tested on the new operating system, and significant coding changes are often required. We are close to releasing the upgrade to existing users, but please be aware that we can only do this when the last bug in the auto-update process has been found and rectified.

Starting at AMSv3.1, feature-set enhancements will occur over-night automatically. The overnight updates are timed for around 3am to 4am each night, to not interrupt your listening. Therefore you should ensure that your device has been set to the correct time-zone in the Dashboards. Each night at this time, your Antipodes Music Server will check if there is a later version of any of its software. If there is a newer package then it will be automatically downloaded and installed. Following the update window, your system will also be automatically refreshed. This means that beginning with AMSv3.1.1, all forms of system cache (not your applications cache) are refreshed overnight, so that there is no need for you to reboot your Antipodes Music Server to refresh it.

You can therefore safely leave your Antipodes Music Server on for long periods. If you have turned off your Antipodes Music Server, then you will not miss out on updates. It will update itself the next time you leave it running over-night.