With Spotify Connect, you can use your Spotify app  on PC, smart phone or table to play Spotify music through your Antipodes. You must have a Spotify Premium subscription.

How to set up Spotify Connect on the Antipodes

In the Antipodes GUI go to Settings/Spotify Connect, enter a Player Name and then ‘click ‘Save Changes’:

Then go to Apps/Audio App Switcher and check that ‘Spotify Connect  shows as ‘Active’. If it doesn’t click the Spotify Connect  icon bar to activate it.

How to connect to the Antipodes from the Spotify app

Open Spotify on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen:

You will see the Antipodes listed as an optional device:

Click the Antipodes icon to play the music selection through the Antipodes:

‘Listening On’ will now show the Antipodes as the playback device

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