Latest News

OLADRA Upgrades are now available for CX and EX models, between now and the end of August 2021, and while our upgrade parts stocks last. For a CX or EX upgrade please click on the Upgrades link in the menu at right.

We are currently working on the design of upgrades for all original DX3. This is expected to be available in September 2021, but no promises just yet as there are still some complex development steps to be completed. If you have an earlier DX or DXE, or one that had a DX3 Upgrade, please contact us for your options.

If you have a DS, DS Core, DSX, DX, DXE, DX2, CORE or EDGE, please contact us for your options.

We do have other options for all Antipodes Music Server owners, but there is complexity depending on the model you have. To discuss your options, please sign-up to the user portal and use the message feature to send your enquiry to member MarkC, who is our head of Marketing, Sales & Support.