HQPlayer NAA

HQPlayer NAA

Signalyst HQPlayer is an upsampling multichannel audio player for Windows, Linux and OS X. A light version can be optionally installed on the Antipodes server and then controlled by a copy of HQPlayer Desktop running on a PC or Max. HQPlayer provides high levels of digital manipulation on the files, including room correction, digital volume, different digital filters, up-sampling, trans-coding etc.

HQPlayer NAA is not installed on your Antipodes server by default, so you will need to install it at the Antipodes Control Panel first.

HQPlayer NAA is only a renderer application so you need to also install the HQPlayer main application on a desktop computer. Go to:


and download and install the appropriate version of HQPlayer Desktop. HQPLayer Desktop requires a licence to be purchased. You can use the product for 30 days at no charge for evaluation.

To get the best performance from HQPlayer we recommend that your Antipodes server and PC or Mac are both Ethernet cable-connected to your network router. This however is not mandatory and you may find it works satisfactorily with wireless PC connection.

Once HQPlayer NAA is installed on your Antipodes there is no more to do in the Antipodes Control Panel than select HQPlayer NAA at the ‘Audio App Switcher’ (select ‘Apps’ in the Control Panel).

The next step is to configure HQPlayer on your desktop or laptop. Because it is a third-party application that is not included with your Antipodes server, we cannot maintain an up-to-date guide here. For detailed and up to date information, you should visit:

Website: http://www.signalyst.com/

The HQPlayer Desktop User Guide can be found at: i-cat.biz/pdf/HQPlayer-manual.pdf

There is a very active HQPlayer community forum at:


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