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Antipodes Music Servers On Your Network

No Antipodes Music Servers Were Found On Your Network

Reasons for this could be:

  • You do not have any Antipodes Music Servers powered up and connected to your network
  • Your Antipodes Music Server is connected to a different router than the device you opened this page on
  • Your ISP changed your IP address between powering your Antipodes Music Server on and opening this page
  • You have not contacted Antipodes Support to have the 2019 software update installed

Connect your Antipodes Music Server to your network and restart it. Wait two minutes and then refresh this page. If this still does not reveal your Antipodes Music Server, try opening

If you still have problems locating your Antipodes Music Server, or need the 2019 software update, contact us for assistance.

Note that a music server that was not shutdown correctly may remain on this list for some hours before being removed.