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The articles below expand on a range of topics related to our approach to design. They are written to convey insights in a readable form and are not technically challenging.

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Why A High-End Music Server Is Necessary

This article delves into why a multi-stage, high-end music server is necessary in order to get a high-end audio experience from streaming services and playing music files.

Choosing A Music Server

Objectivity Versus Relevance

Audiophiles face something of a challenge, to select separate pieces of equipment that will combine to form a system that deeply resonates on an emotional level.

The Best Connection To Your DAC


This article delves into what to consider when deciding on the connection between your music server and your DAC.

An Antipodes App

We are often asked ‘why doesn’t Antipodes have a playback app’? In this article, we set out our approach to date, and what to expect in the future.