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Antipodes Audio's High-End KALA 50 Music Server-Streamer.

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The KALA 50

The KALA 50 heads the KALA Series, adapting the technology used in the Oladra to deliver many of its strengths at a more affordable price level. Timbral accuracy and natural musical flow are its main sonic strengths, allowing it to effortlessly reveal the sheer beauty of music.

Prepare for some long late-night sessions, because this level of musicality is going to engross you in every performance.

An alternative to the KALA 50 is the identically priced KALA 41+22 combo, offering the same electronics in two separate cases, enabling further optimisation via power cord and Ethernet link choices. If USB is your preferred output then the lower-priced KALA 41+21 combo offers the same performance, without the clocked synchronous outputs.

Antipodes Audio's High-End KALA 50 Music Server-Streamer.
Antipodes Audio's High-End Oladra Music Server-Streamer. Antipodes Audio's High-End Oladra Music Server-Streamer. Antipodes Audio's High-End Oladra Music Server-Streamer.


The KALA 50 uses a custom computer designed for Server Apps and another designed for Player Apps, and multiple cascaded processing stages.

The Server engine provides a high-power buffer and signal generation stage. Turning a file or a chaotic internet stream into a well-timed stream is managed by Server apps and benefits strongly from a high level of processing resources. The Player engine runs Player apps and buffers/re-generates the signal in a low-noise environment to provide an even cleaner digital signal. Processing steps then isolate, buffer, regenerate and re-clock the signal - separately for the USB output from the Synchronous digital outputs (S/PDIF, AES3, I2S).

The Server engine is the heart of the system, managing your files and streaming services, and controlling what is played. Play over your network to multiple end-points, and to the DAC in your main system by either Direct Ethernet, USB, S/PDIF, AES3 or I2S.

Antipodes Audio's High-End KALA 50 Music Server-Streamer.


Audiophile Style

"I put on Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio’s Midnight Sugar album (Ampex IMP8308). This album never gets old. An item I almost always notice before anything else is the reproduction of transients and the leading edge of Yamamoto’s piano. Through the K50, the absolute first thing I noticed was the beautiful tone of his piano. Yes the transients were there, but the tone was what placed me inside the recording venue. There was something about the reproduction of this album through the K50 that enabled me to forget about the microscopic details and just let the music hit me, feeling the tone as much as hearing its lush beauty. When I listened for it, the details were of course present, but remained an area of less interest to me while I got lost [in the] music more than anything."



"I didn’t care about formats and resolutions. All that I thought about was how gorgeous everything sounded.. Some of my scribbled comments: 'Thrilling … what great stuff … really exciting … percussion excellent … great midrange … I think the additional color and weightier midrange, albeit subtle, significantly increase the music’s impact'. .. Short of heavy metal and noise, I threw everything I could at the K50, from the maximally colored music of Henri Dutilleux to the recent remastering of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Every experience was revelatory.


HiFi Advice

"..the K50 adds an overwhelming sense of natural flow and deep soundstaging, making other server/streamer sources sound flat and relatively technical in comparison."


HiFi Statement

"The Antipodes K50 serves music at the highest level. Its versatile connections qualify it for integration into any top system, no matter which constellation you prefer. The enormous mechanical and electronic effort combined with excellent workmanship sets standards. Anyone who is allowed to own this Antipodes will sit back and enjoy."


Fair Audio

"Tonally absolutely neutral and broadband. The very high resolution is evident everywhere, be it in the meticulous reproduction of transients or in the meticulous tracking of the slightest reverb tails and the decay of notes. But the extreme level of detail is also noticeable in the “authenticity” of the timbres. With the K50 it looks very differentiated and realistic. The spatial representation is striking. Even if you are already used to a good standard, it is not just the extensive and, above all, deep stage lighting that will surprise you, but also the “black background” and the extremely safe, concrete and vivid depiction of voices and instruments. Gross and fine dynamics are beyond any doubt."



The KALA 50, as with all KALA models was designed to be upgradable as technology innovations are made.

This means that when we release new KALA models, we also offer existing KALA owners the ability to upgrade to the latest model. This involves replacing all items that have changed in the new released version, so that what you receive back is identical to the latest model.

Antipodes Audio's High-End KALA 50 Music Server-Streamer.



G4 Technology
- 3-Stage (USB)
- 4-Stage (Digital)


110-120VAC or


Gigabit Ethernet


Up to 3 SATA SSD
User Installable


445mm (W)
370mm (D)
140mm (H)


600mm (W)
530mm (D)
240mm (H)


Gigabit Ethernet


– PCM to 32 bit/768kHz
– DoP to DSD256
– Native DSD to DSD512
– On USB A


– PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– DoP to DSD64


– PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– DoP to DSD64
– On XLR 3-Pin


– PCM to 32bit/384kHz
– DoP to DSD256
– Native DSD to DSD512
– On HDMI & RJ45


– Output Only
– On BNC


3 Years
5 Years (Registered)


(plus duty & tax)