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G4 KALA Series

About 2023 Upgrades

30 June 2023
Today we announce that all existing K21, K22, K40, K41, K50 & Oladra models can be updated to be identical to the latest models. What you get back will not be an 'upgrade' version - it will be identical to the new model, with a fresh warranty
The K30 can also be updated to the latest technology.
G4 K50

Revised Models Announced

30 June 2023
Today we announce that the Oladra, K50, K41, K22 & K21 have been revised. The result is an entirely new level of fidelity.
Experience a greater naturalness and ease, together with greater detail and speed, delivering performance that is utterly compelling.
S Series

S Series Discontinued

30 June 2023
Three reasons have driven this decision:
  • Intel has announced the end-of-life for a key chipset required for the S Series
  • implementation of G4 Oladra technology in the K21 and K22 lifts performance way above the S Series
  • the G3-based S Series products are physically too small to house the G4 Oladra technology
Oladra At HiFi Advice

HiFi Advice Reviews The Oladra

25 May 2023
Christiaan Punter provides the most in-depth review of the Oladra to date.
"No matter what you play, it is reproduced with conviction and utter musicality, and above all, with soul-touching communication skills. Vocals, in particular, take on an overwhelmingly natural and human quality."
K41 & K22 At HiFi Advice

HiFi Advice Reviews K41 & K42

3 April 2023
Christiaan Punter provides the first review of the KALA Series separates, and the AMSv4 software suite.
"The combo is very special and well worth considering if the budget allows it but the K22 in particular offers superb performance at its price level and is highly recommended."

AMSv4.4 Released

27 February 2023
  • AMSv4.4 - C3PO Bug Fix, Spotty Bug Fix, Update Enhancement - 16 June 2023
  • AMSv4.3.1 - 1 Bug Fix - 27 February 2023
  • AMSv4.3 - Application Updates & Performance Enhancements - 20 February 2023
  • AMSv4.2 - Application Updates & Performance Enhancements - 14 December 2022
  • AMSv4.1 - 5 Bug Fixes - 18 November 2022
  • AMSv4 - New Interface Released - 17 October 2022



Updates to the Oladra and the KALA Series are due to four key developments that we have been working on over several months.

  1. Installing triple-cascade switch-mode power supplies in the KALA Series models.
  2. Installing our proprietary high-quality isolation footers on the KALA Series models.
  3. Upgrading K50 and K41 Server engines with innovations used in The Oladra.
  4. Upgrading the Player engines for the Oladra, K50, K22 & K21.
  5. Installing new USB outputs for the Oladra, K50, K22 & K21.

Three reasons have combined to result in the S Series being withdrawn.

  1. Intel has ceased production of the CPUs required for both the S30 and S40, and we want to hold existing stock as spares to support repairs well into the future.
  2. The S Series products are physically too small to house our latest power supply technology.
  3. Implementation of the new technology in the K21 and K22 lifts performance way above the S Series, making the K21 a much more compelling entry point.


  1. We expect to release the new models, and begin performing upgrades from 1 August 2023, but we may experience some unexpected manufacturing delays, so we cannot be precise about the date yet.
  2. Sound quality is significantly improved on all outputs for all models.
  3. USB now matches the sound quality level from S/PDIF and AES3.
  4. An increase of 200% to 400% more system resources for KALA Series models.
  5. Enterprise-level resilience against data loss in a power fluctuation or outage.
  6. Price rises for the Oladra, K50 & K21.
  7. Upgrades will be available for the Oladra, K50, K41, K40, K30, K22 & K21, and updated models (except the K30) will be identical in all respects to the corresponding new model.
  8. A K30 update will install dual triple-cascade power supplies, improved Player engine, and the new USB output.
  9. There was a revision and price rise for the K50 when we upgraded the re-clocker to use an oven-controlled clock. Both the original K50 and the revised K50 can be updated to the new model. To be clear, the original K50 gets the new re-clocker in this update.
  10. The K40 (replaced by the K41) can be updated to the new K41. To be clear, the upgraded K40 becomes a K41 in a new K41 case.
  11. The upgrade pricing is all-inclusive - includes pick-up, upgrade and return to the customer at no additional charge. Alternatively, customers can deliver to their local dealer or local freight depot and pick-up when the upgrade has been completed.

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