Antipodes P1

P1 Ripper Platform

The Antipodes P1 is an isolation platform for the EX or CX, carved from a solid block of a special grade of aluminium alloy, that also provides a rock solid platform for a built-in ripper. The ripper uses the latest available laser technology, capable of reading pits in disks 100 times smaller than the pits on a CD. This premium ripper, when used with the Antipodes ripper software that is installed on all of our servers, will avoid using any error correction and keep analysing the disk until a perfect rip is achieved.

This means rips will take a little longer, and some CDs will fail this rigorous test, but this process ensures that you get the best possible rip from disks that are fully compliant and in good condition. Some of your disks may need to be ripped on another device.

The P1 connects via a short captive USB link to the Antipodes Music Server and becomes an auto-ripper. Just insert the disk and it will eject once the ripping is finished. The captive USB cable can be replaced with a longer cable if different placement is desired.

The P1 has exactly the same footprint as either the EX or CX. It is also the same width as the previous model CORE and EDGE, having a little more depth than these servers to accommodate the EX and CX properly, so the P1 can also be used with the CORE or EDGE.

P1 Specifications

Passive Fanless Silent
CNC Machined From Solid Alloy
Width 240mm
Weight 2.9kg
Warranty Return To Seller - 2 Years