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Make The Connections
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You need to make 3 connections before you turn the server on: connect the server to power with an IEC power cord, connect the server to your USB DAC with a USB cable, and connect the server to your network with a network cable.

Turn the power on at the rear plate and then click the front panel power switch. Wait 2 minutes for the server to be ready for setup.

Open The Antipodes GUI
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You never need to connect a keyboard, mouse or screen to your Antipodes. Instead, to setup your Antipodes, you browse to it as if it is a website. In fact that is what it is but it is a site that is on your network, not the internet.

Begin by making the three connections, turn your Antipodes on by clicking the front panel power button, and wait 1-2 minutes for it to boot up fully and become available on your network. Then open a browser (eg. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and browse to website "".

The website "" has a web app that will display for you any Antipodes products that are connected to your network. This information on the "" website will only be accurate if your Antipodes is connected to the internet when you power it up (boot it) and when you shut it down.

While you are there, take a look around and get familiar with the structure of the GUI.

Setup A Renderer Application
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Setting up a renderer app is the main thing you need to do at the Antipodes GUI, and depending on your needs it may be the only reason you ever use the GUI.

The two things you need to do are: decide what renderer app to use (eg. Roon, Squeezebox or MPD); and what output driver to load (Analog, S/PDIF or USB - and these are the choices regardless of the physical outputs fitted). Other settings include things like whether you want to use your remote control app to change volume, and how your DAC needs to receive DSD files (eg, DoP, Native DSD ...)

If you are using a USB DAC, then it needs to be connected and powered on, with the USB input selected when you do this step. This is because with USB you are literally installing the USB input of your DAC as an audio device in the server. This is like when you buy a printer for your computer, and it has to be installed as a device on your computer before you can use it. With most DACs you only need to do this once. With some DACs, you may need to repeat this step every time you restart the server or the DAC and this is due to a deficiency in the firmware in your DAC.

Setup Roon Remote Control
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All server apps installed on your Antipodes are running when it is powered up, and you don't have to do anything to set them up in the GUI. All you have to do is setup remote control of the server app from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For example, if you are going to use the Roon Ready renderer app, then you need to install the Roon Server app - to be used as a remote control - on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone (or on all of them if you wish - you only need a license for the Roon Server app that is pre-installed on the Antipodes).

The video on this page shows how to install the Roon Server app on a desktop or laptop, but the process is very similar if you are going to use a tablet or smartphone. The main difference is you will get the Roon app from your device's app store if you are using a tablet or smartphone.

Copy Music To The Server
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The video above shows how to use File Explorer on a Windows computer to copy music to your Antipodes server. The principle is exactly the same on a Mac, where you use Finder instead of File Explorer.

Your Antipodes server will show up as a Network share in File Explorer or Finder and you just need to copy and paste, or as in the video drag and drop, your files to the server. The files can be any format, not just flac files, but if you put your files in \\antipodes\storage\music\flac then they will automatically be included in the library for all of the server apps.

Roon server will add the files to the library as soon as you copy them. Both Squeezebox and MPD need to be told to rescan the library to pick up the newly copied files.