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OLADRA High-End Music Server-Streamer


The Oladra is our premium music server-streamer, conveying all of the energy that music holds, and the emotion it inspires.

KALA Series High-End Music Server-Streamers

The KALA Series

Four outstanding music server-streamers to choose between or to combine, offering you choice, flexibility and upgrade options.

About Antipodes Audio Limited

About Us

We are located in New Zealand, designing and manufacturing uniquely musical high-end audio equipment since 2004.

"We’re here to deliver nothing less than emotional fulfillment every time our customers listen to music at home." - Our CEO & Founder

Antipodes Audio Technology

Our Technology

We use multiple stages of regeneration and clocking, powered by our proprietary ultra-fast multi-stage power supplies.

Our easy management interface integrates a wide range of best-of-breed applications, letting you meet a vast array of needs with just a few clicks.