Support Contacts

Customer Support

For assistance or troubleshooting with your Antipodes Music Server email Antipodes Support.

Our expert technical support team will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is needed, we can log in remotely to your network to setup and test your server, or show you how to complete what you are wanting to do.

If this process identifies that your unit requires a physical repair then it will need to go to an authorised Antipodes Service Centre.


If you wish to upgrade your server in some way, such as to a later specification or to increase storage, email our upgrade service to discuss options and for a quote.

We endeavour to enable as many servers as possible to be upgradable to the latest technology as it develops, but you may need to ensure you participate in the upgrade programs when they are offered, and some models may not be able to be upgraded. To ensure you don't miss the available upgrade opportunities we recommend you join the mailing list on our home page.